Changing Plans is Not Failure.

Changing Plans is Not Failure

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It’s now 2016. I haven’t blogged here in a while – partly because we changed everything. Again. We moved back to Atlanta a few months ago and resumed life in the city. The biggest initial benefit was that our son could be inserted back into preschool, and learn with his friends once again. It was difficult to find adequate social …

Working Hard at Not Working Hard

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The universe does not work hard. It does not struggle. It does not have limits. I’m trying to be like the universe. Effortlessly making miracles and bending reality – with no regard to what anyone f*cken thinks. Blowing up stars, creating life, being bigger and stranger than anything can fathom. Effortlessly going about it’s ridiculous, funny, and amazing existence. And …


Own Your Life

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Photo Credit: Melissa Maples You have this life, right? And you have all these things you want to do and a million things stopping you. But most of those things stopping you are excuses, illusions, or obstacles you can work around and just haven’t yet. Seriously. There are few things that will actually, truly stop you from doing what you …


For My Mom on Her Retirement

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My mom recently retired from over 40 years of teaching. For most of those years, she taught Kindergarten. She’s the epitome of the perfect Kindergarten teacher – kind, nurturing, energetic, sing-songy, and able to hold a classroom of young children under her spell. Did you ever have a teacher you loved? Really, deeply loved? One you drew pictures for, wrote …