About Leah


I am!

The End?

Ok ok, I am Leah – an adventurer, a Reiki practitioner, a meditation teacher. I worked for nonprofits for 10+ years, started a photography business with my husband, tried my hand at full-time mom-ing, and then moved into energy work.

I’m passionate about radical self-care. I love providing support and resources to people as they open their hearts, learn to hear their inner wisdom, and find the courage to change their lives to reflect what they most want to be and do. I also love to go hiking and binge-watch My So-Called Life. Not at the same time. That would be hard.

I don’t take myself too seriously. My kidlet really helps with that, because it’s impossible to take yourself seriously when you’re wearing a pink tutu on your head and making fart noises.

I’m now dipping my toe into a homeschooling, nomadic, nature-filled, minimalist lifestyle. And I’m excited to share these adventures with YOU.

Random Facts about Me:

Alanis Morissette and Amanda Palmer are my besties (but they don’t know it yet).

My favourite number is 11.

I love to dance. Anywhere.

Chocolate chip cookies are the way to my heart. No nuts.

We're leaving all our stuff to go have an adventure everyday.