About Mark


I’m Mark. 

I photograph weddings.

Back in August of 2009 I was just another cubicle worker punching away at my keyboard writing code for a slew of other faceless corporations. I spent a few years dodging multiple mid-level managers as I would sit at my desk, staring at a photo of a window since I basically worked underground. There I was, spending 9 hours a day in an air conditioned room, staring at type on a flickering screen, wishing I was doing literally anything else.

One day I picked up the entry-level dslr camera that Leah had bought me for my birthday back in March. She was in the middle of graduate school working on her Master’s degree in Social Work and somehow over that next year, we built this company together. That following August I left my windowless office and took the risky chance on being a full time photographer – which also meant living off the money from photography full time.

This is our Family.
Family. Travel. Life.

It. Was. Terrifying.

With a lot of hard work, luck, and more hard work we built a highly successful wedding photography business (LeahAndMark & Co.)

I just want to be gone. And more gone.