Adventure Life

Adventure Life is the lifestyle we’re choosing – and defining – day by day.

We’re not here to be poor. We’re not trying to travel on $50 a day. This site isn’t focused on spending and budgeting as little as possible. It’s not really about limits at all.

We’re here to live different.

We’re here to have adventures. Not just on the weekends, but every day.

Maybe you can see your life as it might be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now and YOU DON’T WANT IT. You’re on track to exist in a life that doesn’t excite you. You’re stuck spending eight or ten hours a day wasting your life away for someone else, doing things you don’t want to be doing.

Adventure Life means doing what you love, whatever that might be, and not sacrificing the good life – whatever that means to you.

A creative, fulfilling, utterly satisfying life is possible – without breaking the bank or living as starving artists.

There are many paths to success and freedom, and we get to define what that feels and looks like for us, and then go after it with everything we’ve got.

We like to connect with others living this way – life on their own terms.

Adventure Life. It’s what you make of it and it doesn’t suck. It’s amazing, takes courage, and a good bit of crazy. 

That’s why you’re here and we’re glad you’re with us.


– Leah & Mark