Let me tell you something you already know.

No matter what, do not give up.

Fight. Relax. Flow. Change. Grow.

Oh – and don’t worry.

That’s everything I know. It’s not an all or nothing. Stop being so dramatic. Keep going.

Right now we’re deep in the middle of a two month road trip. I know it looks easy – and for the most part it is. But there were obstacles before the trip, and there are definitely obstacles during this trip. Obstacles that could have totally ruined or shut the whole thing down before we ever really got going.

Two weeks before the trip I had to buy 8 new tires for our cars. That’s always an unwelcome money suck – and not very cheap because honestly, I don’t buy cheap tires (because my family rides on those things.) And I avoided doing all the math to calculate exactly how much money we would realistically need. Because that’s a real downer. Then of course there’s our 40 year old RV. We love that thing now – but that f*cker is indestructible while always on the verge of dying. It really could go either way with that thing. It’s overheating badly and if one of the tires blows then I have to upgrade all six of the tires AND the wheels. Right now we’re literally 2,386 miles from home.

We left on this trip knowing we didn’t have all of the money in hand. We didn’t ‘save up’ so that we could just leave everything for two months. No. At the beginning of this trip we knew that in order for us to make it back – we needed some weddings and income to appear out of nowhere while we were traveling. And if that didn’t happen then we’d could easily be 2,000 miles from home with no money.

I’ve been self employed long enough to learn/know the mental and emotional jedi mind tricks that you need in order to not blow up from stress. Especially the stress of not having anything booked for next month – and then willing/manifesting/pulling/working with the universe to f*cken Or better yet – the abundance you need in order to get it done/live your life on your terms/ free. Not restricting or limiting it to just ‘money’. It’s hard to remember – but you don’t need ‘money’ in order to receive the things you want. If that makes no sense to you now, think about it – and keep thinking about it.

Over the past few years I’ve learned that Amazing happens. Ridiculous happens. The unlikely or impossible, becomes possible.

Do not give up.

Fight. Relax. Flow. Change. Grow.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me not to stop or give up. And that magic happens. And that I have amazing friends send me singing birthday videos, that make me cry! Keep doing it! Everything you are doing! And remember to enjoy it at the same time!

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