Changing Plans is Not Failure

It’s now 2016.

I haven’t blogged here in a while – partly because we changed everything. Again.

We moved back to Atlanta a few months ago and resumed life in the city. The biggest initial benefit was that our son could be inserted back into preschool, and learn with his friends once again. It was difficult to find adequate social circles for him (and us) up there in the woods. Maybe it would be different if he wasn’t an only child and had a sibling to play with – maybe not – but that situation became something I didn’t want for him. (“We” didn’t want that for him – but I’m trying to speak in terms of I and not “We” in these posts so that it doesn’t sound like WE ARE THE BORG.)

And now we’re leaving again. This time to Hawaii for just over a month. I know right? I agree it’s kind of cool.

The original plan was going to be for 2.5 months – but that was before we moved back to Atlanta and took on all the rents and bills of modern city life. So we cut it down to just one month.

We are on a crazy, uncharted course (as many people are). The logistics of our life are sometimes difficult – but so are the emotional challenges. Emotional challenges are difficult even when your housing/living/job situation isn’t as turbulent and quick changing as ours are. So things come up. Arguments, discussions, talks. And no talks. And then more talks.

It’s the start to a new year and you’ll see everyone posting on social media about… positive new beginnings. Maybe you’re not in the mood. Maybe you weren’t in the mood over the happy holidays and you’re still not in the mood. That’s alright.

You just have to remember that no matter what happens, you will be okay.

I promise. You will be okay.

Don’t ever forget. You will be okay.

Changing Plans is Not Failure.
You Will Be Okay. I Promise.



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