Make More Time to Live Your Life (How to)

How do you make more time to go out and live your life?

Step One: Stop reading every how-to list on the internet.

j/k (kind of not.)

The topic posted above is wrong. The question is wrong, and bad questions generally lead to bad answers. A better question to ask is ‘What would I do if I had enough time to do it?’

Or maybe even better:

What would you do if you had nothing else to do?

My life’s goal is to take pensive photos of the back of my head. Apparently.

It doesn’t have to be a major-crazy-life-changing-overhaul. It can be a small thing. Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument, spend more quality time with your children/family, or eat ALL THE FOOD. (Hey, that’s not such a bad goal – food everywhere is AMAZING these days.)

So. How DO you make more time?

1. First decide what you want to do/learn/make

2. Be ruthless and cut out everything that doesn’t matter

3. Go do it

But wait. It’s not that simple. You have social obligations and what will people say and think about you.

F*ck that. F*ck them. F*ck it all.

Of course I know that’s not reasonable. It’s not reasonable at all. The problem is that you lost control of your time because you were being reasonable and careless with it. So you might have to be unreasonable (to some people) when you claim back control. You may even have to be really F*cken unreasonable.

And that’s okay.

No more explaining. No justifications.

It’s okay to be F*cken unreasonable when trying to save/live your life.

The end.

The beginning.

See what I did there?





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