How To Sell All of Your Stuff

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In February, Mark and I sold nearly all of our belongings in an epic 3-day sale (and we gave ourselves just under a month to prepare for it!). Here’s what we learned in the process: 1.) GET HELP!! Seriously – get as much help as you can. We absolutely could not have pulled this off or exceeded our sales goal …

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This Life

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This life I’m living… isn’t what I expected. But it’s what I wanted. How do I know that? I know it by the aliveness I feel, the tingling running down my spine and giving me goosebumps. I know it by the deep sense of happiness that bubbles up from inside, giving birth to a smile that is impossible to suppress. …

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What Has Changed for Me?

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Febuary 27, 2015 was the last day I had a permanent residence. In that time, I’ve been in North GA, traveled around Turkey, and I’m now on a small organic farm in North Carolina, in the midst of the Nantahala Forest. It’s beautiful. All of it. I’m sitting on a covered porch right now listening to a chorus of… something. …

Why You Can Change Your Life

Be Less Busy and Live More Life

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We just arrived today at our latest cabin in the woods – deep in the North Carolina mountains. Other people are always making choices that affect you everyday – and mostly without your permission. They make decisions, rules, and schedules that decide how you will spend your time, for you. You know that’s not right. Of course we’re given the illusion of …