What’s Our Plan?

Update 1/1/2016

We moved back to Atlanta last November.

We got a house, we inserted our son back into preschool – and started working again.

We’re about to leave for Hawaii in a few days – for just over a month. Right. Hawaii for a little over a month.

We’re sorting out what all this means – being nomadic – not being nomadic – traveling often.

In the meantime – we’ll just keep going, and I’ll keep writing. I have to get back to writing.




Update 7/25/2015

We are currently in the middle of a two month cross country road trip.

We purchased a 40 year old RV, and we’re going. We’ll return to Atlanta, GA. by August 30th because that’s when my next wedding takes place (I photograph weddings). Between now and then we’re just exploring. We have a loose schedule but it’s been stretched and blown up a few times already in just the two and half weeks we’ve been on the road. SO other than making sure I’m back in Atlanta on August 30th – we’re literally visiting, traveling and going everywhere and there right now.

The best places to follow us is on Instagram.

You’re awesome. And Amazing. And Awesome.


I’m wondering that myself, actually…

Haha, just kidding! We do have a bit of a plan, really and truly, beyond just “get rid of our stuff and head to the mountains”. We’ve even broken it down into different phases, because this is happening. Even though it still sounds crazy and surreal when I hear myself talk about it…

Phase 1: The Downsize
We are getting rid of – selling, donating, freecycling – pretty much everything we own.

We are storing the following in my parents’ attic: a box of mementos/photo albums/journals, a file box of our important papers, a box of summer clothes, and our Christmas ornaments.


We are taking with us:

  • a suitcase of clothes each
  • Mark’s backpack of photography gear
  • Our laptops, phones, and tablet
  • A small box of toys and books for Jonah (and his bike + helmet)
  • One box of essentials: our kettle, pour-over coffee maker, and coffee grinder, first aid kit, probiotics, insulated/reusable grocery bags, and fire starter.

Because you should always have a fire starter.

Everything else – all of our furniture, knick-knacks, books, piles of unnecessary/outgrown clothes, 500 boxes of tea, etc. – is on its way out the door!

It’s a big task. It feels pretty awesome.

Phase 2: Squatting and Turkey
We will first head to my parents’ mountain house in North GA, and stay there for a bit while we scout out other mountain locations we might like to try out. We’re also headed to Turkey for half of March, then we will come back to the States, recover from jet lag, and be off to our next mountain location.

Phase 3: Nomadic Life
From April on, we will be vacation-house-hopping! Short-term rentals wherever our hearts and lives take us. We might head out west to spend time with Mark’s family, or up to Chesapeake Bay for part of the summer, but we’ll mostly be hopping around Appalachia, so that we can still get to Atlanta as needed for work and visits with friends and family. Ultimately, we will find a piece of land to park a travel trailer/camper on and turn it into our very own TinyHome on wheels for more mobile adventures!

Phase 4: Who Knows?!
Possibilities include: building an Earthship on our plot of land, starting a commune, heading abroad for a month or more each year, or returning to life in a city. We have no idea what the future holds – or what we’ll want in a year or so – but it’s sure to be an interesting journey!

– Leah


Leah is a lifelong adventurer, exploring the world while home/road-schooling her son (though often he's schooling her). An experienced Reiki practitioner, she offers healing-and-action sessions, developing personalized roadmaps to help others connect with their own deepest wisdom and guidance, and claim a life of authenticity and joy.

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