Working Hard at Not Working Hard

The universe does not work hard. It does not struggle. It does not have limits. I’m trying to be like the universe. Effortlessly making miracles and bending reality – with no regard to what anyone f*cken thinks. Blowing up stars, creating life, being bigger and stranger than anything can fathom. Effortlessly going about it’s ridiculous, funny, and amazing existence.

And I believe we’re a part and piece of the universe and we can do the same.

We’re two and a half weeks into our two month cross country road trip.

I’ve been testing, practicing, and struggling with not ‘working hard’. Or rather – not struggling so hard. Whether you call it being in a flow, or being in a zone – I want to be there often. All the time. Living there. All of my actions in line with this universal… flow.

It’s not an effort to avoid hard work.

I’m on track to photograph 40+ weddings this year (down from the 53 weddings last year) – so I’m not avoiding work. But that’s not hard work. It doesn’t feel like hard work. The hard work comes when I make things difficult – and when I’m pushing beyond what I should. It’s a challenge to figure out when trying becomes pushing, shoving, and convincing (myself) – and it’s at that point when I should make a change. Because even if I get what I think I want – my life tends to redirect itself and correct the course… eventually. And often times, painfully.

This is an effort to only do the hard work that I want to be doing. The hard work that isn’t a fight. The hard work that is in line with my highest and best good (to use an over used phrase) – and not just what I decide that I F*CKEN WANT (ego, programmed self, old patterns). Many times there is a difference between what I want and what’s good for me.¬†Obviously.

But many times there isn’t any difference at all.

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